2018 NFCA Convention

Why we’re looking forward to the 2018 NFCA Convention

The 2018 NFCA Convention

The NFCA National convention is a prodigious event for NSR Softball every year. It puts in a unique position where we can intermingle with the college softball coaches, travel coaches, instructors, and leaders in our industry, without having the distractions that we have throughout the year at showcases and camps. It allows us to have more hands-on discussions with the coaches about their recruiting needs, their recruiting preferences/recruiting personality, what they like and don’t like and how we at NSR can improve, as well as be educated about their program and university even more so in order to ensure the athletes our scouts are recommending to them are exactly what they’re looking for. The NFCA convention is unparalleled in their ability to get those in the “softball world” that are “action takers” all in the same vicinity to discuss the needs, growth, direction, and methods of which to do – for the game we all love so much and give our lives to.
For NSR it’s simple…the NFCA National Convention is where the big dogs play. Even though NSR has been the creator of the “scouting arena” 38 years ago and continues to be the Gold Standard when it comes to scouting and recruiting, you still have your “mom and pop shop” that makes attempts at doing what we do. But you won’t see them as an exhibitor at the NFCA national convention with thousands of college coaches conversing, only NSR and our scouts. You’ll have a couple of your “online recruiting websites” there, but of course, they don’t even begin to compare because they’re websites, not on-the-ground-scouts who advise and work with these athletes all the way through their high school graduation and some beyond that.
I, personally like the opportunities to see all of my college coach buddies of whom we talk frequently and see each other at the fields often, but often times have time constraints, distractions, etc. At the convention it gives me the opportunity to have the undivided attention in a more relaxed setting, to really get things on track for the coming year. I especially like being able to track and note these things to be able to bring it back after the convention, and relay the things learned about various programs and their needs/preferences, to our NSR Softball scouts nationwide. The convention is obviously extremely fun in the “side hours” with the coaches, but the convention is about educating, planning, networking, and advancing yourself and the sport itself. Kudos to NFCA and Carol, Emily, Joanne and their staff for the comradery and advancement of the sport they’ve contributed in large part too!
“I am extremely excited about this year’s NFCA convention for many reasons,” says softball scout and former DI pitcher, Rachel Brown. “I think our relationship with the NFCA will continue to blossom as well as our relationships with college coaches. Additionally, we can promote our athletes, figure out the needs for upcoming classes, and get some tough questions answered. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days.”
We encourage everyone to stop by our booth and chat with us all week. However, if you can’t make it don’t worry because we will be going live throughout the event! We will be talking with college coaches and getting answers to some of the most asked recruiting questions. Be sure to tune into our social media channels all week for updates!
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