The Road To Success

The Road To Success

The late, Coach John Wooden (former Men’s Basketball Coach at UCLA) was not only a winner, he was one of the best at “personal development”. He knew it was “people” who would help him achieve his goals. Whether people will admit it or not… most are starving for someone to break out of the pack … Read more

For The Love of the Game

For The Love of the Game

Following a long spring with a shortened high school and college softball season, travel/club softball across the country has started back up… and all I can say is “It was wonderful seeing the game played again”! Across the country, softball teams have begun to get out to just “play” and “compete”. What a blessing it’s … Read more

Find Your Competitive Edge


Baseball players are born to compete. We are always finding ways to get that competitive edge over our opponents. Through these uncertain times, that opponent has become ourselves and the player we want to be. It is easy to sit around and do nothing while you wait to find out what is going to happen … Read more

The Recruiting Process Goes On


We have all heard the stories about spring sports and the basketball tournaments, but we haven’t heard very much about how this pandemic is affecting college football. I guess the main concern we need to address is the fact that there is no off campus or face to face recruiting happening. Make no mistake, recruiting … Read more

Why College Transfer Rates Are Climbing

Transfer Rates

There are many reasons why student-athlete transfer rates have continued to increase over the years. This new trend causes a lot of unforeseen circumstances and problems for student-athletes and their families. For example, depending on where the student-athlete is transferring to and from, they may have to sit out and waste a year of eligibility. … Read more