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the equestrian recruiting process

Want to be a collegiate equestrian? Get in line. The recruiting process for equestrian athletes becomes more competitive every day, and the recruiting process starts earlier and earlier every day. There is much more to the process then showing up at a camp or riding in a showcase. The old saying "if you're good enough, they will find you", wasn't true then and isn't true now.

The chance to be recruited to play college sports comes only once in your lifetime. Only you can ensure that it's not wasted.

  • We are the largest on-the-ground scouting company in the world.
  • Unlike other scouting companies, we're not telemarketers.
  • NSR matches student-athletes both academically and athletically with corresponding colleges.
  • Our athlete directory isn't password protected, meaning coaches can freely search prospective equestrian players.
  • We digitize and edit your game footage, as well as skill videos.

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