About National Scouting Report

The only real college scouting and recruiting organization.

National Scouting Report is the most revered high school scouting and college recruiting organization in the world. Since 1980, college coaches have depended on NSR to present quality prospects for recognition, evaluation and recruitment.

NSR's Santo Stephens
Ex-NFL linebacker and NSR Scout, Santo Stephens, directs NSR's Blitz Combine Series.

As an NSR prospect, you can rely on our company of professionals to effectively promote you, and to make your profile and videos available to every college coach in America in your sport. Here are some other key points you should know:

  • We have over 150 employees and scouts worldwide.
  • We are the highest rated scouting company by independent organizations.
  • Our area directors and scouts personally scout prospects to ensure that they are qualified to play college sports.
  • Over 90% of our prospects receive college offers from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA institutions.
  • We are resourced by more college coaches than all other scouting services combined.
  • We have the most comprehensive prospect promotional programs available to high school student-athletes (see Features & Benefits).
  • We scout, sponsor and attend national and regional showcases, tournaments, combines and evaluation camps across America in all sports every week of the year.
  • Our scouts live in the area where they work; they do not operate out of a central office blindly calling prospects from a phone-bank room like most other "scouting services."
  • We continually train our scouts by communicating with them each week about recruiting rules and important current events.
  • We provide free recruiting seminars for teams, schools and organizations interested in gathering updated and accurate knowledge about today's recruiting rules, process and environment.
  • We offer free prospect evaluations upon the request of any parent, high school, college or travel coach.
  • We have over two thousand thank-you and recommendation letters, spanning 30+ years, written by parents, prospects and college coaches at all levels.
  • We receive hundreds of requests each month from college coaches asking for help or information on NSR prospects.
  • We are proactive in social media: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Recruiting High School Athletes Since 1980

NSR scout

Compare NSR to any other scouting organization's services, ease of use, methods, technology, history and results. Read our testimonials. Peruse our News & Events. Talk to our people. Meet us in person. Anyone can offer hype, but substance and follow through is what really makes the difference. You will quickly conclude that our hard-earned credibility and superior quality are obvious in every significant way: NSR scouts are on the ground in your area:

  • Working to find and enroll quality prospects.
  • Communicating in person with college coaches about our clients.
  • Educating organizations, parents and prospects about the recruiting process.
  • Gaining credibility with local high school, club and college coaches.

Most of our competitors have their "scouts" or "counselors" sit in cubicles where they call one prospect after another, day after day, from roster lists of tournaments they did not attend. They do not actually scout events and prospects.

What does that tell you? Saying you know sports and can evaluate tape is a far cry from seeing you play and knowing you personally. By having firsthand knowledge of your skill sets and your character, NSR scouts can more effectively help college coaches understand you as a person and a prospect.

It's all an indicator of one thing: National Scouting Report is the real deal.

Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Play at the College Level

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Am I getting the attention from college coaches which I deserve?
  • Do I have a support system which is constantly working (24/7) on my behalf to inform college coaches about me?
  • Is it smart to wait any longer to find out what my options are?
  • If my future depends on the effectiveness of a scouting service, which one truly has the experience, technological advances, extensive letters of recommendation, variety of benefits and proven outcomes to best help me (or my kid) to be recognized, evaluated and recruited by the most college coaches?
  • What do I have to lose by contacting the world's top scouting organization about my future?