A Proud History

The premier recruiting authority for over 30 years.

In 1980, NSR founder Bob Rigney established "Scouting Report", the first publication in America to expose and promote NSR-program-enrolled high school student-athletes to college coaches. Since then, NSR has designed and developed almost every scouting and prospect promotional concept and procedure in use today throughout the industry including individualized, client websites, online videos and emails to coaches with client profile links for quick yet thorough evaluations. To reflect our broad, national presence along with our reputation and influence among college coaches, we changed our name several years ago to National Scouting Report.

Mr. Rigney retired from NSR in 2002 and now donates his time overseeing a national non-profit coaches association. His son, Rusty Rigney, is President of NSR and his daughter, Peggy Rigney Adams, is Vice President. They grew up as a part of the business and together they have developed a family-like work atmosphere and cohesive team of professionals which is unmatched.

A Thriving International Recruiting Organization

NSR Australia wins the 2014 ABA100 Award

Today, over 150 professionals work on behalf of National Scouting Report across America and in 23 foreign countries – Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Argentina, Thailand, Uruguay, Colombia, England, Kuwait, Spain, Bahrain, France, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Oman, Bolivia, Qatar, Belgium, Guam, United Arab Emeritus and Saipan. The company originated in Alabama and because of our long-term employee base and company real estate holdings, it remains the location of our home office. Further, because of our longevity, AAA financial rating and long term leadership and success, NSR is widely recognized as the most stable, private scouting company in the world. Over the years as scouting and recruiting companies have come and gone, and there have been many of them, NSR has continued down its path of providing dependable service for prospects, parents and college coaches.

The Premier Scouting Authority for Over 30 Years

NSR has thrived for over 30 years because of our dedication to serving our prospect-clients, their families and college coaches while staying abreast of current recruiting rules and emerging technological trends. Our testimonials speak to our longtime service and this website is a testament to our ongoing dedication to provide NSR kids and college coaches with the very best products and services possible. Features such as News & Events, client interactive benefits and our exclusive Recruiting Organizer are things you will not find anywhere else. Take advantage of these today by contacting the NSR scout nearest you or by calling our home office for assistance at 1-800-354-0072.