Testimonials and Success Stories

Hear straight from athletes, coaches and parents.

The coach contacted us because of you guys...

I wanted to give you an update on our son. Winthrop University has made him a great offer and he has decided to play for them next year. Their coach is a great guy. We have met with him several times. We agree that it's close enough but not too close. The coach contacted us because of you guys (NSR). He came and watched Weston play during the Southern Cross tournament in Aiken. We all feel good about the decision. Again, thanks for all your help!

Lisa Bell

She's received 60 or more letters...

"My daughter has been contacted by some of the top college coaches in the country. She has received 60 or more letters. We are now in the process of choosing a college. I do not think that she would have had the kind of exposure if she had not been involved with the National Scouting Report. My husband and I are very pleased."

Ruth Wooten

(NSR) is the leading recruiting service...

"National Scouting Report is the leading recruiting service in the country. We have been associated with NSR for a number of years. I have the utmost respect for this company and what they do. They go after quality individuals who are serious about academics and athletics."

NCAA Division I Coach

...you are getting your money's worth.

A parent's goal is to provide their child with the best opportunities that are available. Well, as you already know there are opportunities available, but there is an abundance of high school athletes. A coach is not going to offer a scholarship without seeing the player perform in person or seeing them play on film and they will not attempt either if the player is not known. Not only did NSR live up to their promise, but I felt the entire organization was doing their best to make sure my son was getting a look. During the year after we signed up with NSR, Brian received letters from over 60 colleges and universities. Many of these schools requested the NSR film and began personally contacting Brian. During one of my conversations with coach David Dugan of Brown University, Mr. Dugan said, I do not know what you are paying for that service, but you are getting your money's worth.

Michael Gutbrod

...an amazing vehicle...

"NSR Soccer Australia has been an amazing vehicle to help my daughter, Chloe Coom, to work towards and achieve her dream goal of playing soccer in the US. We have been guided and helped along the way by NSR to help us make important choices and decisions. We didn't think opportunities like this could exist, but it has been an exciting and rewarding journey that we can recommend to other families! We have been extremely happy with NSR and the service they have provided to us. Thank you, NSR, for everything."

Tina Coom

We just received a handwritten letter...

"Wanted to thank NSR staff and Jason Espinoza. Madeline Reigle is still getting recruited to play soccer in college even though she has verbally committed. Madeline put in the physical work but NSR and Jason worked so hard to get her recruited. We just received a handwritten letter from a coach in Illinois that I had to share. Thank you!!"

Iris Hernandez Reigle

...without NSR, this wouldn't have become a reality.

"We are very grateful. Our friend and Amanda's former coach, Rob Dudek, introduced us to NSR and opened our eyes to the recruiting process. We are thankful that Jason saw Amanda's potential and had the confidence to have us sign her up with NSR. Amanda has earned a full tuition scholarship, half academic and half athletic, and we know she has worked hard all these years to develop her skills to make this possible. But without NSR, this wouldn't have become a reality."

Amy and Duane Witzlib

...we are ahead of the game!

"We feel like we are ahead of the game! At this point, I would give you a glowing recommendation. I see our relationship as a joint endeavor/partnership to help our son reach his potential. I'm so very glad that our paths have crossed."

Lisa Myrick

This never would have been possible without NSR.

"Did you happen to see Ryan's news from yesterday? He won the full tuition scholarship. He gets to attend Campbell University free! This never would have been possible without NSR. Ryan had so many more options to choose from. Thank you."

Jeff Beeler

...pleased with the quality of schools...

"I firmly believe that this interest in Aaron's track and football abilities is a direct result of the representation and promotion provided by National Scouting Report. Aaron has been contacted by schools in South Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Mississippi, just to name a few. I am sure these schools would not know about Aaron without the promotion by NSR. I have also been pleased with the quality of the schools that have contacted Aaron. It appears that schools of this caliber respect NSR and know that the students you represent have the qualities they are looking for."

Doyle Smith

NSR's information saves time & energy

"I wanted to express my appreciation for all you guys do for colleges at National Scouting Report. To stay at the top, college programs rely heavily on recruiting top student-athletes. You guys provide excellent information that saves our staff tremendous amounts of time and energy."

NCAA Division I Coach

...you delivered, as promised.

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely "Thank You" for the tremendous service and national exposure you provided. We were extremely pleased with NSR throughout the entire recruiting process. We entrusted your professionalism in this emotional endeavor and you delivered as promised. Joe received recognition from several of the finest institutions in the country because of our involvement with National Scouting Report. Interest from Harvard and Yale were directly linked to the NSR video and website. He selected De Paul University and we are all obviously thrilled."

Joe Tulley

Major midwest DI program confirms NSR's quick responses important

"National Scouting Report has been a major help to me in so many ways. They are always very easy to reach when you need help and always very helpful. If it's video or just important information, NSR and its staff will have it. I have been extremely impressed with the fine work they have done."

NCAA Division I Coach

Thanks again for all your help.

We thought you should have a little update on Joe's progress at Colorado Mesa University. He loves the school (majoring in Business with emphasis on Land Management) and is doing well. There were seven long-snappers and 27 linebackers when he reported to early practice the first week of August. He worked his way up to 3rd team OLB and the top LS spot. Thanks again for all your help.

The Collings

...you are the reason that I was able to talk to 150 colleges.

"I am so glad that you were there at my senior game. I wanted you to be there since you have been the reason for getting my name out to colleges and helping with my college search. I tell everyone who asks me about my college search, that you are the reason that I was able to talk to 150 colleges. Without you I probably would not be playing soccer during college. I may have had to give it up altogether. You have no idea how much it means to me that you changed that for me. For that I thank you so much."

Misty Porter

A brilliant opportunity and blessing...

"It has been an honor and a privilege to be associated with NSR. You have certainly helped shape the dreams of one very happy young man. It is of course with mixed feelings that we send out son half way around the world, but we know that through dealing with your team of experts for the past 12 months that we are placing our trust in no one better. There are so many questions that come along with an opportunity like this, but you have taken the stress out of that and certainly always been quick to offer your help or advice at a moment's notice. We cannot recommend enough to other Mums and Dads what a brilliant opportunity and a blessing for their children this is."

Liz & Ross Macfarlan

Nationally recognized academic DI school appreciates NSR's efforts with prospects

"As a coach for many years on the college level, I know how many kids your company has helped over the years. National Scouting Report has helped young people find an opportunity on the next level (college) for a long time. Your info on the athletes has always been accurate and up to date. That saves me, as a college recruiter, a lot of time. That in turn allows us to see more athletes. Keep up the good work."

NCAA Division I Coach

Dad says NSR helped son find perfect college

I wanted to thank you for helping our son Gregg find the perfect college.

It was thru NSR that we first heard of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. The coach at the time at Stevens, Coach Crane, learned of Gregg thru NSR and Gregg's website and contacted him. Obviously we researched Stevens academics and athletic programs. Both were ideal for Gregg.

We visited the campus in August of last year as well as other Universities in the area as well as at home in South Carolina. It was a clear choice for Gregg to attend Stevens. As it happens Coach Crane resigned at the end of the 2011 season. His replacement turns out was an assistant at Harvard and informed Gregg that he was also aware of Gregg's abilities on and off the field thru NSR!

So, thanks again for the help. Even though Gregg was not a D1 talent, NSR helped him find the perfect college where he will also be playing baseball.

Scott Nickels

I'm impressed with your program

I am impressed with your program. I believe it will be helpful to those young people who are not well known prospective student-athletes. If you can match a student and a university who might not have been exposed to one another, then you've done a service for both. Keep up the good work.

NCAA Division I Coach

...the best service of its kind...

National Scouting Report is the best service of its kind in America. With fewer recruiting days available, and strict NCAA guidelines, we rely heavily on NCAA Division I Coach service to see as many kids as we can. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs more exposure.

NCAA Division I Coach

Coach affirms NSR's quick response to requests

"Thank you for your help in my recruiting efforts. I was drawn to your service through the internet. Your website is quite impressive and your response to my inquiry was quick. The format of NSR's individual profile sheets are pertinent to our recruiting needs. I am confident that my ability to build a strong Women's Soccer program will become a reality because of our partnership."

NCAA Division I Coach

NSR's longevity in scouting valuable to DI coach

"With the limited evaluation days and number of times Division I coaches are allowed off campus, we have become heavily reliant on NSR to steer us toward potential recruits. We are excited about National Scouting Report's history and longevity in the recruiting arena. We place more credibility in a recruiting service, such as the National Scouting Report, because of the relationships that have been built with the high school coaches during the past two decades."

NCAA Division I Coach