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the cheerleading recruiting process

Want to cheer in college? Get in line. The recruiting process for cheerleading becomes more competitive every day, and the recruiting process starts earlier and earlier every day. There is much more to the process than showing up at a camp or cheering in a showcase. The old saying "if you're good enough, they will find you", wasn't true then and isn't true now.

The chance to be recruited to cheer in college comes only once in your lifetime. Only you can ensure that it's not wasted.

We help cheerleaders find opportunities to cheer in college. We have been doing this since 1980. One of our scouts will need to evaluate your abilities first. Here’s what you need to do.

First, complete the evaluation form below. Second, send us video at showing your abilities. Third, be ready for a call-back to go over your abilities and your college desires. If you as the athlete are completing the evaluation form, please let your parents know that you have done so.

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