Does Size Matter?

Does size matter in softball recruiting? Absolutely! But it’s not the “be all, end all.” In college recruiting, we call it “the box.” Does a kid fit “into the box” as per her position, etc.? There are some coaches who recruit by the box, and some coaches who believe “it’s not how big they are, but … Read more

How Soon Is Too Soon?

College Recruiting

College recruiting starts earlier and earlier every year, especially for softball. No college coach likes recruiting early. But most realize they must in order to “keep up with the Joneses” when it comes to recruiting. Right now, a Top-25 NCAA Division I softball program likely already has eighth-graders committed and, inevitably, has some seventh-graders offered.  However, when … Read more

How Important Is Travel Ball?

Today, there are lots of softball prospects who decide not to play high school softball. It’s an ongoing discussion that will continue to evolve as the college softball recruiting world continues to evolve. When you ask the question of “how important is travel ball” in college softball recruiting, it’s huge. That’s not to say you … Read more

Spring Softball Recruiting

It’s mid-March, most states are in High School softball season, and the college softball coaches are in season as well. Lately, I’ve had alot of prospects email/call lately asking if and how college softball coaches continue recruiting during their own season. It’s a big misconception that college softball coaches stop recruiting during their season. Does … Read more

Softball Sisters = Recruiting Dreams

Recruiting.  One of the scariest words I ever heard as a softball player wanting to play at the next level.  I had no idea where or even how to start and neither did my parents or my coaches.  High school coaches always said, “If they are good enough, people will come.”  As a high school … Read more