Summer Sports Camps

What is the significance of being invited to a particular school’s sports camp? College athletic programs hold sports camps, usually in the summer, for two main reasons. First, this is an opportunity for coaches to make extra money. In fact, some of them do quite well and count on this extra income to supplement their … Read more

Top Five Ways to Catch a College Coach’s Attention

5. Communicate Clearly: Stay away from Internet jargon…write emails, notes and letters in complete sentences using proper English, capitalization and punctuation. 4. Play Club or Travel: College coaches simply don’t scout high school events the way they did in the past. Want to be seen, go where the coaches will be watching. College showcases and … Read more

UAB Women’s Tennis

“I look forward to working with you all in the coming years.”  UAB Women’s Tennis coach Krissy Hall recently sent a letter to us expressing her appreciation for the assistance NSR has provided to her in recruiting . 

Important New NAIA Registration Rule

By now, everyone knows about the requirement to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the Clearinghouse) in order to be eligible for NCAA sports. But did you know that beginning in 2011 you have to also be registered with the NAIA Eligibility Center? And yes, you’re going to have to pay an additional fee. … Read more

Recruiting Goes Full-blown Hi-Tech

  High school sports and high school recruiting have taken a turn toward technology which is allowing college coaches to identify more prospects than ever before.  However, prospects and parents should beware of the hi-tech method they select.                  Online services which do nothing more than post a prospect’s profile are, in short, bogus.  College coaches do … Read more

College Camp Planning

If you’re planning to attend a college camp this summer there are a few things that are very important for you to know and prepare for. Camps are supposed to be for instruction and learning. You go there to get expert help from college coaches to improve your skills. For most of the campers this … Read more

Entrepreneur sticks to what he knows, loves – The Business Journal of Milwaukee:… Entrepreneur sticks to what he knows, loves – The Business Journal of Milwaukee: NSR’s licensee in Wisconsin, Jason Lauren, was recently featured in the Business Journal of Milwaukee. Jason, one of NSR’s brightest young stars, heads up an area rich in tradition for high school scouting. You can find out more about Jason by … Read more

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