The Fundamentals of a Good Skills Video

skills video

Everybody knows college coaches want to see a prospective student-athletes skills video before they start recruiting them. Many times, coaches won’t even watch an athlete play until they’ve seen some skills video. Mostly so they don’t waste their time. College coaches across all divisions have very little time to recruit and even less time to … Read more

College Athletics Has a Place for Every Prospect

college athletics

College athletics.  Being in recruiting for over three decades has taught NSR scouts an essential truth.  There is a place for every high school student-athlete wanting to play college athletics. We have seen it over and over again in our 37 years of working with prospects and college coaches.  Colleges recruit more than the All-Staters.  They … Read more

NCAA D-I men’s basketball expands key definition

NCAA D-I men's basketball

NCAA D-I men’s basketball has expanded a key recruiting rule. Effective August 1 of this year, more people will be included in the group of individuals connected to NCAA D-I men’s basketball prospects.  Previously, only parents, guardians, coaches and family members were considered within that circle.  The updated rule, however, throws a net over anyone perceived … Read more

Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner Joins National Scouting Report as Official Academic Counselor

Brittany Wagner Joins National Scouting Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Birmingham, Ala — Brittany Wagner, the academic counselor in the hit Netflix original series, Last Chance U, won’t be helping students at East Mississippi Community College this fall. Instead, Wagner and her company, 10 Thousand Pencils LLC, will be working as the academic counselor for National Scouting Report. “I am super excited … Read more

College Freshman Athletes Face Four Hurdles

College freshman athletes

College freshman athletes face the daunting task of preparing for the leap from high school to the next level.  It is neither a simple nor easy jump. Unquestionably there are high school prospects that have been pushed hard by their prep and club coaches.  But in truth the rigors they survived then cannot measure up … Read more

Breaking Down Nick Saban’s Recruiting Methods

Nick Saban's recruiting methods

Recruiting can be a challenging road for a lot of college coaches. However, Nick Saban‘s recruiting methods help him keep the Crimson Tide on top. University of Alabama’s Head Football Coach is one of the greatest recruiters in the Southeastern Conference. Some would argue he’s the best in college football. But like all college coaches, Saban’s … Read more

How to be a College Football Scout

College Football Scout

Many people believe they have the abilities to be a college football scout. But it’s not as easy as some may suspect. Even the best ex-football players and coaches can struggle to be a successful college football scout. National Scouting Report’s Director of Expansion, Larry Perrin, and a former college football scout explains, “football scouting … Read more

Multi-Sport Athletes vs. Single Sport Athletes – The Pros and Cons

multi-sport athletes

There is no easy answer to the question, “are multi-sport athletes better than single sport athletes?” Since there are many different opinions out there on the issue and every athlete is different; the simple answer is – it depends. Today, many professional athletes and coaches are speaking out about sports specialization. Football legends like Dabo … Read more

NSR Partners with GCPSA to Provide Recruiting Help to Student-Athletes

Provide Recruiting Help

BIRMINGHAM, Ala – Thursday, June 14, 2017 – National Scouting Report and Gulf Coast Prep Sports Academy announce a strategic partnership to provide recruiting help to post high school athletes and improve their academic and athletic abilities. “The prep school is a much-needed addition to the sports community in the Southeast United States,” said Robert … Read more