New NCAA Football Rules Shake up Camps, Practice and Recruiting

New NCAA Football Rules

New NCAA football rules announced April 14 signal course changes in the FBS’s handling of camps, practices and recruiting. The rules primarily address these Association’s concerns: Prospects’ well-being during recruiting Players’ safety Players’ health Coaches?  They get some relief on the front end of recruiting.  However, they will be hard-pressed to get the same work … Read more

Psychology of Winning: Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Part 3 of 3: Fearing Failure Controlling the uncontrollable is impossible, and because of this, it causes athletes to struggle with mental toughness. Fearing failure is another reason athletes tend to struggle with their mental game. Failing is inevitable, and athletes need to get mentally tough when it comes to fearing failure. Jason Kuhn, a … Read more

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