The Fundamentals of a Good Skills Video

Skills Video

Everybody knows college coaches want to see a prospective student-athletes skills video before they start recruiting them. Many times, coaches won’t even watch an athlete play until they’ve seen some skills video. Mostly so they don’t waste their time. College coaches across all divisions have very little time to recruit and even less time to … Read more

Recruiting from the Family Perspective

Prospects and parents are ill-prepared for the realities of college recruiting. They enter excited about all the attention they will get from coaches. They can’t wait to see their athlete’s website go live. They are itching to tell their friends that they are being represented by NSR, the number one scouting organization in the world. … Read more

New NCAA rule loosens initial contact restriction for DI coaches in some sports

NCAA members could have packed their bags last Wednesday afternoon and the Association’s national conclave would have been considered a major success after just one day of meetings.  By agreeing to permit Division I coaches in designated sports* to begin making initial contact with high school juniors on September 1, a full ten months sooner than was previously allowed, college recruiting’s gatekeeper … Read more