3 Benefits of Playing College Sports

Being a college athlete has a ton of benefits. Not only does it allow you to continue playing the sport you love but it helps prepare you for the real world. In fact, the majority of former college athletes say that being part of a team helped prepare them for life after college. This is just one ben

1. Future Employers Look for Intangibles

Future employers look for those who go the extra mile. Participating in a college sport and being able to balance your time between the hours of practice, film, games and staying on top of your academics show a student’s work ethic. Additionally, former college athletes learn leadership skills, develop teamwork skills, and time management skills. All of these skills helped prepare them for the working world. Companies look to hire former student-athletes because of their ability to work as a team. But also because of the other skills that are learned that cannot be touch rather gain from the experience of a being part of a team.

“College athletes learn leadership, confident, discipline, effect time management, and teamwork through their sports.” – Hiring manager

2. Life Lessons Learned

Former college athletes say that have learned a lot of life lessons because of playing college athletes, but the ones I hear the most are teamwork, work ethic, and time management. Also, college athletes are put in situations where they have to learn and adapt or they won’t make it. Hence, why playing a college sport is a commitment. But remember there is no better place to learn the skills of selflessness and leadership than on the field or court.

“Graduating is as important as winning on the playing field.” – Former D2 college athlete

3. Relationships You Build

Finally, at the top of the list of benefits from playing college sports, is relationships. Building and maintaining relationships is an extremely important skill athletes have and no one can take that away from them. Coincidentally, those relationships are ones that will continue after your four years of playing. The relationships you build with your teammates, coaches, administrative staff, and professors will be people you invite to your wedding, references on your resume, help with getting job opportunities, and you never know one of them may even offer you a job.

“College sports promote the well-being of student-athletes.” – Former D3 college athlete



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