The Road To Success

The Road To Success

The late, Coach John Wooden (former Men’s Basketball Coach at UCLA) was not only a winner, he was one of the best at “personal development”. He knew it was “people” who would help him achieve his goals. Whether people will admit it or not… most are starving for someone to break out of the pack … Read more

Softball Players are Programmed to Persevere


As a softball player you are programmed to persevere. If you are going through a slump, you keep swinging. If you are having trouble hitting your spots, you keep pitching. This same mindset is what will get you through the recruiting process as you experience the effects of COVID-19. The players who dream of playing … Read more

NSR expanding volleyball recruiting in Hawaii

volleyball partnership

For Immediate Release: BIRMINGHAM, AL ( Dec. 11, 2018) National Scouting Report (NSR), the oldest recruiting organization in the world, joined forces with Transpacific Volleyball and Marki recruiting (Marki) to help with volleyball recruiting in Hawaii. “First of all, we’re so excited to partner with the Transpacific Volleyball event. For years we’ve noticed the incredible athletic talent coming … Read more

How to be a College Football Scout

College Football Scout

Many people believe they have the abilities to be a college football scout. But it’s not as easy as some may suspect. Even the best ex-football players and coaches can struggle to be a successful college football scout. National Scouting Report’s Director of Expansion, Larry Perrin, and a former college football scout explains, “football scouting … Read more

4 Myths Parents Have About College Recruiting

Parents of college prospects can have some wacky ideas about recruiting. We’re talking “Twilight Zone” kind of stuff, not just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, off-the-cuff, get-the-hook stuff. We mean out there. Let’s start by saying that if we at National Scouting Report, the nation’s oldest and largest college recruiting organization, had a nickel for each time … Read more