Good Enough? Maybe Not!

We all know that great athlete who should have received an athletic scholarship to play in college but did not. The truth is that many athletes, parents and coaches buy into a very real and false leading myth: “If my kid is good enough the college coaches will find him/her.”   The video above gives … Read more

How to be a College Football Scout

College Football Scout

Many people believe they have the abilities to be a college football scout. But it’s not as easy as some may suspect. Even the best ex-football players and coaches can struggle to be a successful college football scout. National Scouting Report’s Director of Expansion, Larry Perrin, and a former college football scout explains, “football scouting … Read more

NSR to unveil enhanced portal system

After one year of planning, preparation and programming, National Scouting Report is just weeks away from unveiling its enhanced, user-friendly, interactive portal system. NSR’s state-of-the-art system will include: Tracking system for college coaches and NSR prospects. Redesigned, printer-friendly personal brochures. Easier picture uploading with auto-resizing for web pages and brochures. Faster web page updates. Accessible … Read more

Fundamental way to receive scholarship offers

What’s the first thing college coaches notice when scouting and evaluating a solid prospect?  Athleticism.  Second?  Grasp of fundamentals. Coaches will tell you that athleticism is perhaps the highest, desirable attribute.  And when athleticism is coupled with a great attitude, coaches swarm.  But add sound fundamentals to that equation and what you have is the near-perfect prospect, … Read more