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    NSR is Scouting Spain
    Jose Mostajo and the staff at NSR are dedicated to finding scholarship
    opportunities for athletes in Spain that possess the talent, desire,
    and motivation to compete at the collegiate level.

Regional College Scouts in Spain

We provide athletic evaluations, academic guidance, and an in depth education on the recruiting process. Upon successful evaluation and qualification into our program, NSR Spain will provide the appropriate link between the student athlete and over 2,000 colleges and universities across the United States.

David Sanchez-Carrasco

Cell: 669791589
Office: 918161818

Born in Madrid, Spain, I have always been linked to the world of sports. 

Since I was a child I played basketball in different clubs and I studied at the European University of Physical Activity and Sports Science, with the sports specialty of Swimming.

I have two MBA in Sports Management and an Executive MBA from the EAE-OBS business school. 

Basketball coach qualified by the Federation, I have been Technical Director for 12 years and I have been trained since I was 16 years old in different teams for both girls and boys. Runner-up of Spain with the Madrid U13 women's team in 2009. I collaborated with FIBA with the national women's team of Angola in the 2008 Olympic Qualification. 5th place in the FISEC 2018 tournament held in Genk, Belgium, with the Spanish representative team. 

Organizer and Director of different international tennis tournaments, and numerous tournaments of different sports such as soccer, golf, tennis and basketball.

The detection of sports talent is a passion for me and the possibility of helping young athletes to boost their careers is a fundamental part of my working life.

Miguel-Angel Lago-Martinez

Cell: 639673926
Office: 918161818

Born in Madrid (Spain), my life has been linked to the world of sports and specifically to basketball, since I started playing with 12 years old.

 Degree in Law and MBA Sports Management, my professional career has always been linked to basketball, practicing as coach and technical director of different clubs for more than 20 years.

 Basketball Coach by the Spanish Basketball Federation, with clear vocation and experience in the recruitment and training of basketball players.

Patricia Sanz-Barrio

Cell: 0034679677553

My name is Patricia Sanz. I am an Auburn Alumni, and currently playing professional golf in the Symetra tour and the ladies European tour. I want to give back to Spanish youth by helping them have the same experience I did playing college golf. 

Jose Mostajo

Cell: (629) 469-121

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Jose always has been a part of the Basketball world as well as Soccer, Track & Field and other sports.

He started playing with four years and at 21 he was a coach. From there, he turned hard to teach the youngest his passion for basketball. After a few seasons with success, in 2013 the time came for him to become technical director at his club, taking another step in his career.

From there he has helped to grow the club up to the 40 teams that currently make it (when he arrived there were only 11).

In the world of scouting, Jose wants to be able to help young athletes fulfill their dreams of continuing to compete and studying at the highest level without having to give up either.

He and his wife Caitlin live in Madrid although they spend much of the year in Wisconsin. They have a son, named Leo, who has 3 and a daughter, Jordan.

Athlete Testimonials

See what some NSR athletes and their families have said about our services.

"The process was so simple!"

Nadia Fanjul (track & field) | Columbia College

2 years ago I was selected by NSR through area director, Jose Mostajo. The process was simple thanks to his friendly and open communication with me. He was always available to help and resolved any doubt that came up during the university selection process, helping me to make the best choice. Now, I find myself 1 week away from leaving Spain to begin my athletic and academic career in the States, and I must say that if I had the chance to do the process all over again, I would. I would do it again since athletics are such an important part of my life and, thanks to NSR, I will be able to combine that with my studies. Hace dos años fui fichada por la empresa NSR a través de José Mostajo. El proceso fue bastante sencillo gracias a su trato cordial y abierto. Él siempre se ha mostrado disponible y ha contestado eficientemente cualquier duda que me ha surgido durante la selección de universidad ayudándome a elegir la opción más adecuada. Finalmente ya me encuentro a una semana de irme y he de decir que si me dieran a elegir la opción de repetir toda la experiencia lo volvería a hacer ya que me ha demostrado cuan importante es para mi el deporte y como gracias a NSR voy a poder compaginarlo con mis estudios.

"Consejos profesionales"

Miriam Cardoner (volleyball) | Missouri State University - West Plains

Desde el primer día NSR me ha ayudado en todo momento, primero explicándome cómo funcionaba todo, lo que podía lograr, mis posibilidades y a que aspirábamos. Jose ha estado en todo momento a mi disposición para ayudarme en dudas que se han presentado al largo del proceso de búsqueda de la universidad, cómo por ejemplo el funcionamiento de las becas, las diferentes ligas, el funcionamiento de las universidades allí… A lo largo del proceso he recibido muchas ofertas y en este aspecto ha sido clave Jose que me ayudaba diciéndome que era lo que me ofrecían y su opinión, cuales eren buenas ofertas y tendría que considerarlas o cuáles no. A la recta final del proceso para elegir una universidad, había 3 universidades interesadas, fue en ese momento cuando Jose me ayudo explicándome las diferencias entre las tres ofertas que tenía y que pasaría en el caso de que eligiera cualquiera de las tres. Finalmente, con la ayuda de NSR junto a decisiones familiares y mías me decanté por Missouri State University - West Plains, que me ofreció una beca completa. La verdad es que me sentí muy bien al elegir esta opción, y agradezco mucho la ayuda que me ha proporcionado NSR. Me han ayudado y me han llevado a lograr cumplir un sueño, ir a jugar a voleibol a los Estados Unidos en una maravillosa universidad como la que he escogido. Miriam Cardoner

"A great help!"

Lucia Suarez (track & field) | Columbia college

The truth is that it never crossed my mind to go to study in the US, it all started with a message from José Manuel Mostajo, in which he told me that with my times (although they were not anything special) Of getting a scholarship at an American university.

 From the beginning, the trust and closeness of Jose made the idea of ​​going to the US start to prowl around in my head. Soon he came to Spain and met with me and my parents to talk to us in person about the whole process and solve the doubts we had, we got an incredible impression and finally took the step. And although at first we were a little afraid because of the little that we knew about the subject, in the end everything was very easy, because NSR, and especially Jose M. Mostajo, took care of guiding us and carrying out all process, making contact with Coaches, universities ... he was always available to solve my doubts, and to help me in everything. 

As a result of this good work, we finally got answers from several universities that were interested, and we achieved our goal, a full scholarship in one of them. I am very grateful to José M. Mostajo, for his closeness and commitment and to NSR, for making everything so easy and allowing me to take advantage of this opportunity that I did not even know existed