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    NSR is Scouting Ontario
    Maria Procopio and the staff at NSR are dedicated to finding scholarship
    opportunities for athletes in Ontario that possess the talent, desire,
    and motivation to compete at the collegiate level.

Regional College Scouts in Canada

We provide athletic evaluations, academic guidance, and an in depth education on the recruiting process. Upon successful evaluation and qualification into our program, NSR Ontario will provide the appropriate link between the student athlete and over 2,000 colleges and universities across the United States.

Nicholas Pento

Cell: 4168737246

I have been coaching and developing top athletes in preparation for college and university scholarships for many years.  I work with high performance athletes who have good academic standing and show a high level of talent on the field.  I am excited to hear from future athletes looking to move on to a college and university level and will help you through this exciting journey.