How to Submit Prospect-Athlete Videos

Submitting an athlete's video to NSR? First, check the guidelines below.

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for production and placement of your video on your NSR Evolution profile.

NSR's Video Guidelines

The goal is a quality 3-5 minute video of game highlights, or 3-5 minutes of skills and drills. Analytics show that viewership times drop off dramatically after 5 minutes, so lengthy videos don't improve your chances of impressing a coach. What does impress a coach is brief, fast-paced highlight or skills video that shows solid fundamentals without excessive repetition. The key is to have your best clips up front in the video. It's also a good idea to record a brief 30 second introduction of yourself so that coaches can see and hear you in a more personal setting, rather than just seeing you as a number on the field.

"Analytics show that viewership times drop off dramatically after 5 minutes, so lengthy videos don't improve your chances of impressing a coach."

High Definition is a Must

High-quality video is important because we want your video to look good at full screen for coaches. This means record in HD and upload in HD - 720 or 1080p is best, but we can use videos in 360 and 480p, they just won't look sharp and crisp online.

Landscape Mode ONLY

While most phones and tablets record in HD, they will create black pillar boxes on either side of the video if they're not set to landscape mode prior to recording. This makes the subject matter appear smaller at full-screen and will look unprofessional. So set your device to landscape mode and hold it accordingly for the best results. On most devices, simply tilting prior to recording will fix this.

Elite vs. Platinum Packages


With the Elite package, your video will be produced once per school year, and placed on your personal NSR webpage for the duration of time on our service. New videos can be added once a year in addition to any videos already in place. Pre-produced videos can be used for your yearly update, but will still count as an edited video. For Elite prospects, the key here is to create one evaluation video that shows solid fundamentals and good overall play that can be viewed over an entire school year. Often, a mix of 2-3 minutes of skills video followed by 2-3 minutes of game highlights works very well for Elite prospects.


The Platinum package includes a yearly edit plus unlimited additions and updates to existing videos. New clips or segments can added or deleted at any time. In addition, any pre-produced videos can be added to your NSR webpage whenever you'd like . Up to ten videos can be supported on your NSR webpage at any given time for Platinum prospects. Your videos needs to be brief, informative, and well-recorded to impress a coach. As you add new videos each year, it a good idea to have us remove some of your older videos that don't show you at your current skill level, or may not look as good overall. While NSR needs your video to be updated regularly, having a video that is too long, or having multiple videos with basically the same material limits the amount of viewership your videos will likely receive overall.

Two Ways to Submit Your Video


Upload your video files to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting site and copy and paste link in the form below.


Upload your files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or any other cloud-based storage. Then, click "Share" and copy the link and paste it in the form below.

NSR Athletes: Submit Your Video Below

This form is intended for NSR athletes to submit video for editing and addition to their NSR profiles. If you want to learn how to become an NSR athlete and take advantage of our network of college scouts and athlete promotions. click here.

Athlete Information
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NSR Profile Video Guidelines

Your NSR profile video will be up to one minute long and will be featured on your online profile. This is your chance to introduce yourself to prospective coaches, giving them your background and goals. When recording your video, please speak clearly towards the camera. You do NOT have to get your speech perfect in one take. You can keep recording and take it point by point if needed and NSR will edit it together for you.

Below is a list of things to consider when filming your profile video:

  • Present yourself appropriately and professionally. Wear appropriate clothing for your sport.
  • Record in an environment with limited background noise. Avoid busy roadways, large crowds, and windy areas.
  • Speak clearly towards the phone or camera.
  • Avoid blending into the background. When recording in front of a solid wall or background make sure your attire is not the same color as the wall or background.
  • Record Video Horizontally. We want your video to take up the whole screen. So, if you are recording using a phone please hold the phone sideways.
  • Avoid Reading Your Speech. While it may be temping to read your speech on camera, it is very important to speak directly to the camera. Remember, you don’t have to deliver you speech in one take. You can break it up into parts and our editing team can edit them together. Just make sure your opening and closing portion of your speech is a smooth as possible since that part will be shown on screen.
  • Be energetic! Make sure the coach watching your video can hear how excited you are to take your talents to the collegiate level.
  • Keep your speech between 35 - 45 seconds. It is important to be concise about your past achievements and future goals.

Important Notes:

  • Videos cannot be uploaded directly through your NSR portal. They must be submitted using the form above to the NSR Video Department for editing and processing.
  • In order to produce an effective evaluation video, NSR will need all the video clips you want to use together and sent at one time. (Platinum prospects: We can add new clips later, but you'll need a good 2-3 minutes for starters.)
  • We ask that you not send video clips as e-mail attachments. Email servers are not designed for sending video files, so please use a cloud-based service for sending video files.
  • Be sure to name your files, clearly. We receive dozens of videos everyday, so make sure we know who you are and what you are sending to us. You may also include notes with your videos that should include name, jersey number and colors, and any other information related to the editing of your video.