Unleash Your Skills and Leave Coaches in Awe!

Your skills deserve the spotlight, and NSR is here to make it happen. Utilizing the footage you provide, our expert team edits and produces a top-quality master Evaluation Video that showcases your abilities like never before. Imagine this: a dynamic video that incorporates a personal message, interviews with coaches, skills demonstrations, combine or showcase drills, strength and conditioning workouts, game footage, graphics, and captivating background music. It's an Evaluation Video that leaves college coaches speechless and eager to recruit you. Plus, you can update and add to your videos at any time. Stay ahead of the game and ensure coaches always have the latest skills footage that could land you the opportunity of a lifetime.



Unlimited Video Edits
‘‘Thanks so much for sending us your videos. It is the only way we can effectively evaluate prospects for scholarship consideration.’’
NSR College Coach Quote