Your Future with NSR!

At NSR, we believe in building lifelong connections. Upon completion of your collegiate play and graduation from a four-year program, we offer guaranteed employment opportunities within National Scouting Report. Former NSR athletes, just like you, work as Scouts or Personal Recruiting Coordinators, sharing their experiences and expertise with future generations. Your journey with us, the recruiting process, and your college playing experience can guide young athletes toward their own dreams. Your future is bright with NSR.



NSR Career Opportunity
‘‘We received the personal profiles of several outstanding athletes and are proceeding to contact them right away. I wanted just to tell you that your format is the best that I have seen because attention is paid to GPA’s, Honors and Achievements, as well as applicable test scores. This information is vital to us because this helps to define the type of athlete we want to pursue... I feel that your service is the most worthwhile. Thanks again!’’
NSR College Coach Quote