Based on criteria furnished by the athlete, NSR will search out all colleges meeting the athlete’s qualifications and goals. Area of the country, size of the school, level of athletic competition, and other factors will be used to determine the colleges selected. NSR will send the athlete’s complete information and video, to the schools that meet your criteria. NSR ensures that all coaches in your target regions know that you’re available for recruitment and they have the most up-to-date information on you.



NSR Regional College Selection
‘‘As a coach for many years on the college level, I know how many kids your company has helped over the years. National Scouting Report has helped young people find an opportunity on the next level (college) for a long time. Your info on the athletes has always been accurate and up to date. That saves me, as a college recruiter, a lot of time. That in turn allows us to see more athletes. Keep up the good work.’’
NSR College Coach Quote