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When you join NSR, you gain access to an incredible opportunity that sets you apart from the competition. Our groundbreaking NSR Signing Announcement is the key that unlocks the doors to your future collegiate success. Imagine this: selected colleges receive an official announcement, personally delivered by NSR, highlighting your exceptional qualifications both athletically and academically. This announcement includes a comprehensive scouting report showcasing your NSR recruiting profile. It's the first step in The NSR Exposure Program, capturing the attention of college programs nationwide and putting your name on the radar of top coaches. Prepare to take center stage and make a lasting impression on the colleges of your dreams.




NSR Signing Announcement
‘‘The National Scouting Report has been a major help to me in so many ways. They are always very easy to reach when you need help and always very helpful. If it’s video or just important information, NSR and it’s staff will have it. I have been extremely impressed with the fine work they have done.’’
NSR College Coach Quote