Get Recommended Directly to Coaches Seeking Talent!

At NSR, we understand the value of tailored recommendations. That's why college coaches regularly reach out to us, requesting recommendations and referrals for athletes who meet specific criteria. When you meet those requirements, NSR springs into action. We send each requesting college an updated profile, complete data file, and a direct link to your video. It's a golden opportunity to showcase your talents directly to coaches who are actively seeking exceptional athletes. NSR's College Coach Request service puts you on the fast track to recruitment success.



NSR College Coach Request
‘‘With the limited evaluation days and number of times Division I coaches are allowed off campus, we have become heavily reliant on NSR to steer us toward potential recruits. We are excited about NSR’s history and longevity in the recruiting arena. We place more credibility in a recruiting service, such as the National Scouting Report because of the relationships that have been built with the high school coaches during the past two decades.’’
NSR College Coach Quote