Showcase Your Skills with Style!

At NSR, we believe in making a lasting impression. That's why we design an Athlete Brochure that showcases your complete athletic and academic profile. Picture this: your athletic achievements, academic statistics, honors, and achievements all wrapped up in a stunning brochure. Your personal message, written by you, captures the essence of your journey and showcases your dedication and passion. Complete with striking photos, your Athlete Brochure becomes a powerful tool that leaves a lasting mark on college coaches. By scanning the unique QR Code on your brochure, coaches easily access your profile and videos. Capture their attention and make an unforgettable impression with NSR's Athlete Brochure.



NSR Athlete Brochure
‘‘The information sheets for each prospect contains lots of good information that is extremely helpful to me. It must take a lot of time and hard work to gather all that information. For that kind of effort I am extremely appreciative. The service is of tremendous benefit to both the prospective student athletes and every collegiate volleyball program.’’
NSR College Coach Quote