Prediction – Next 20 Years will be a New Golden Age of Sports

American sports fans will witness a phenomenon over the next two decades.

Athletics at every level of competition will soar with youth sports leading the way. At no time in history will we have seen the number of stellar performances by high school athletes.

Evaluating high-school-age prospects gives NSR scouts binoculars into the future. What we are witnessing today is the iceberg’s tip of tomorrow.

The number of young boys and girls participating in athletics is at an all-time high and growing. They are getting exponentially larger with each passing generation.

Coaching has evolved into a whole new area of understanding and instructional skills which allow athletes to improve earlier and at a more rapid pace. Both genders now have the tools, equipment, facilities and willing participants to surpass their predecessors’ abilities and records.

Television has also contributed by adding analysts who know the game better and communicate easily to young people. The athletes, in turn, put those lessons into action when practicing in their backyards and with their teams.

All these advances will usher in a Golden Age of Sports.

We have started to see its start with individual records being shattered by athletes in practically every sport, not to mention unparalleled parity we are witnessing in team competition.

In recruiting, it will be harder and harder to stand out in the crowd of superior athletes. NSR can truly give youngsters an advantage by promoting them more aggressively and professionally than anyone or any other group. With 37 years of experience connecting prospects with college coaches, parents and prospects can rely on NSR to give them the boost they will need to stand tall in the mass of kids wanting desperately to get noticed.


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