3 Benefits of Playing College Sports

The majority of former college athletes say that being part of a team in college helped prepared them for life after college. 1. Future Employers Look for Intangibles Future employers look for those who go the extra mile. Participating in a college sport and being able to balance your time between the hours of practice, … Read more

4 Reasons You Aren’t Being Heavily Recruited

The college recruiting game is stacked against you. You are a first-team all-conference, Honor Roll, two-sport athlete, and everyone is telling you that you will get a scholarship. Only problem is you have not heard from any college coaches and offers are already being made to athletes in your graduation class. The reality is that … Read more

3 Mistakes No High School Athlete Can Afford To Make

If you hope to be recruited and play college sports, there are three mistakes you can’t afford to make in high school: 1. Thinking Grades Don’t Matter Grades should be your No. 1 priority! Don’t wait until your sophomore or junior year because that is too late. Coaches want athletes who can be successful in … Read more