The NSR Philosophy

Simple and consistent - a living, working philosophy.

Aggressively Promoting Student-Athletes

NSR College Scout, Stacey Harris
NSR Scout, Stacey Harris

Getting to the truth: Hype and more hype is what you will find on most high school recruiting sites. It's the kind of fluff which clouds the real issue for parents and prospects which is this question: Which recruiting service will do the most effective job of promoting my child (or me) to college coaches by directly connecting with them?

NSR does not wait for coaches to find our client/prospects. We aggressively promote our kids to the coaches with a wide array of promotional efforts. Look past the fluff of other sites to the essence of any company and you will eventually see that NSR has no hidden agenda. To us, the people who started the industry of connecting prospects with coaches over 30 years ago, there is only one agenda – find good kids with good grades who want to, and can, play at the college level, enroll them and then help them to achieve their dream.

Our philosophy has always been simple and consistent.

  • Having qualified, trained individuals to personally scout potential prospects.
  • Our scouts' primary role is to attend and scout games, practices, tournaments, camps and showcases while working closely with high school, club, travel and college coaches in their designated areas.
  • Evaluating and qualifying every prospect, athletically and academically, and through that evaluative process determining if they deserve to be in our program.
  • Setting our qualification standards high so that college coaches can be assured that we only represent and promote legitimate college prospects.
  • Providing the best and most technologically advanced promotional services possible for our enrolled athletes and the most efficient and honest information to college coaches.
  • Continually promoting our client-prospects to every college in the country which offers their sport.

This philosophy enables us to identify, appraise and enroll only quality prospects while ensuring them of their best opportunity to further their athletic participation at the college level.

NSR Prospects Feed All Levels of College Sports

NSR Prospect-Athlete and University of Alabama tight end, O.J. Howard
Former NSR Prospect-Athlete, O.J. Howard

Our philosophy works because we do not limit our on-the-ground scouts and their scouting evaluations to Division I caliber prospects. We serve college coaches at every level and we search for prospects who want to play in NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA, NJCAA and community colleges as well as DI. Approximately 25% of our prospects receive offers from NCAA Division I programs, but it is important for parents, prospects and coaches to realize that there are collectively many more DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA and community college programs than in all of DI. Here's a sure thing: our prospects get attention from college coaches regardless of the level. How many college coaches have you heard from, received questionnaires from, or communicated with in some way? At NSR, it is not uncommon for our prospects to hear from 20, 30, 40 or more colleges. If you're not getting this kind of activity, what are you waiting for?