What You Need to Know As An International Athlete

National Scouting Report has continued its expansion into other countries to help international high school athletes pursue their education and athletic careers in college.

In a lot of European countries, young athletes have two choices to make after high school: make your athletic abilities your career or find a career in something else.

In the United States, that isn’t the case. If you have the abilities to play in college, you can work towards a profession and continue your athletic career. Also, the U.S. offers athletic scholarships and opportunities that allow athletes to earn a degree while still playing their sport. NSR wants to help athletes overseas have the option of bettering themselves academically and athletically.

“We are excited to be able to go into other countries and find talented athletes and bring that to the United States,” said Rusty Rigney, President of NSR. “It’s going to be great to help kids come to the United States and play the sport they love and get a quality education.”

The NSR mission is to help athletes use their athletic abilities to pursue a college education. Currently, NSR has a presence in other countries such as Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada. With NSR spreading out to more countries the company can help more and more athletes live out their dreams.

“As far as my knowledge, no other company in India helps athletes get to the United States,” said India’s tennis scout Rohan Apte. “U.S. colleges are really beneficial for Indian high school athletes not just for their education but to play quality tennis in excellent tennis facilities.” 

Apte, a gold medalist in the Indian RIM Asian University Games in 2005 and a silver medalist in the All India University tournament in 2004, hopes that by NSR expanding internationally he can help young people in his country play college in the U.S.

India isn’t the only country that athletes have to choose between academics and athletics. Many other European countries have this same problem, and NSR is working with some of these countries to fix this.

“In Spain, you have to choose between academics and athletics, but in the States, you can combine,” said Jose Mostajo, Director of Scouting in Spain.

Mostajo has been with NSR for over a year and has already helped over a dozen Spanish high school athletes get recruited to the U.S. to play their sports.  

With NSR expanding internationally, it is the company’s hope that athletes across the globe will not have to choose between playing the game they love and educating themselves.

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