This Athlete Trait Ranks High with College Coaches

College coaches rate it nearly as high as athleticism and academics.

Which trait sits just below those most desirable talents? Well-preparedness.

It is obvious to coaches, which athletes have put time and effort into preparing. When coaches see it, they know they have found an athletically and mentally mature prospect.

What signs tip off a coach? What specific characteristics tell a coach, “this kid has put in the work.”

At National Scouting Report, we have identified a few tips and encourage all prospects to work toward embodying them:

  • Automatic reactions. Prospects that understand situational strategies and demonstrate that they are not only capable of absorbing them but also manifesting them in their actions on the field or court stand out in the crowd.
  • Anticipation. Because an athlete has prepared well mentally, he or she can, with a high degree of accuracy, predict what will happen a few seconds into the future. Acting on that knowledge lifts a prospect to another level.
  • Leadership during competition. Well-prepared prospects not only lead by the example of their effort. They also let their teammates in on their knowledge and push them to respond. That kind of aggressive play is a sure indicator to college coaches.
  • Coaches trust them. Some athletes require constant direction. Those who are consistently prepared to play gain the trust of their coaches. When this happens, these athletes are free to act on their full understanding of what the coach expects from them and the entire team.




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