Respect – Something too Often Overlooked by College Prospects

NSR scouts are noticing an unhealthy trend in college recruiting.

Far too many prospects and parents are failing to respect their recruiting rivals, the other kids in the same graduating class also vying for scholarships. When this happens, they miss the fact that there are literally hundreds of athletes out there as good, if not better, than they. Further, without this respect for their competitors, they are lulled into envisioning that they alone are on top of the heap.

This erroneous thinking gives families’ a false sense of security which eventually comes back to bite them. It is an oft-repeated problem which needlessly crushes a lot of aspirations.

Needlessly? Absolutely. At NSR, we know that if one of our scouts sits down with these families he or she will enlighten them on how recruiting works.

With this vital information, that scout can help families gain the respect they should have for their competitors. Moreover, the families will see the necessity of developing a plan which will put them in a far better position to be recognized, evaluated, recruited and signed.

Families should take into account several crucial facts:

  1. The numbers are tall barriers. On average, only about one in twenty high school athletes realize their lofty dreams of becoming a college scholarship athlete. In other words, it is much, much harder to get an offer than families think.
  2. Known commodities always trump unknown talent. College coaches can only recruit the prospects they know about. Regardless of how much talent an athlete has, if coaches are unaware of them, talent really does not matter.
  3. Recruiting is all encompassing. Coaches now recruit nationally and internationally. A few depend on local talent and a few more on regional kids. But with club and travel tournaments within reach of most college coaches, they have the opportunity to evaluate long-distance prospects that are often as good if not better than athletes close by.
  4. Coaches cannot wait. Families may think it prudent to wait and seriously get into the recruiting process, but college coaches do not wait. They are identifying and evaluating all the talent available to them. As a result, when families start to get what’s happening, many coaches have already settled on their top tier of scholarship candidates.

Today’s talent is rich and deep. Families that do not respect this recruiting fact can be found scattered all across America’s landscape.

It is avoidable, this mistake. A little respect for the reality of what is happening in modern recruiting, along with foresight and commitment, can be the catalyst to reversing a young athlete’s chances.

Connect with NSR today. See what can be done to be a contender for scholarship opportunities. It only takes a little respect.

Or wait. It is your call.




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