Recruiting at NSR is All About Your Kid

Know this: When an NSR scout enrolls your athlete, we swarm.

No kidding. When your student-athlete’s profile, images and video hit our home office, a group of experienced pros gets busy. It is a coordinated, highly-organized effort that generates results.

What we do is, in fact, called the NSR Gameplan.

Your Gameplan is our game plan as your athlete’s data become our staff’s immediate priority. We are keenly aware of the importance of getting your kid’s info in coaches’ hands post haste. So, there is an ever-present sense of urgency spurring us on to the next step. It is not uncommon for our incredible team to have a prospect’s Website posted within 48 hours of submission.

Why is this important? Why the big rush?

What we do is about one thing and one thing only – your athlete.

Our scouts have no quotas to make. They are under strict guidelines, however, to only pinpoint and enroll legitimate college prospects, regardless if they will eventually go D-I, D-II, D-III, NAIA or junior college.

I repeat – it is all about your kid.

But there is a hang-up to all this and that hang-up is guess who? You. Yep, it’s hold up the ol’ mirror time.

As you read this, if your athlete is not being promoted to college coaches by NSR, he or she may be falling farther behind in the recruiting process. When you do decide to jump into the recruiting process, finding people who know precisely what they are doing and then can expedite matters is absolutely essential.

Otherwise, your choices are few.

You can go to any free online service. Easy peasy. You can sign on the dotted line with an open enrollment scouting service. You know, the ones that will take anybody willing to pay the fee. Selective they are not. Or you can go it alone with no clue about recruiting rules, how to navigate the process, or about what coaches really need to make an initial eval of your kid. To say the least, not the best option for your athlete.

If you are a bottom line person, here it is: College coaches do not consider these as reliable sources. None of them.

Want results? Want what is best for your athlete? Call the NSR scout near you today or fill out the form below and we will have a scout contact you ASAP.

Don’t wait or mull it over. Time is wasting. Put your kid on the recruiting map. Today, do it today. Let the world’s oldest and most respected scouting and recruiting ORGANIZATION change your child’s future.

After all, it really is all about your kid. Right? Right.




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