YESI and NSR Partner to Help Youth in the Bahamas

YESI and NSR Partner

Youth Empowerment Through Soccer International (YESI) is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with National Scouting Report. NSR is the oldest college recruiting organization in the world. Both YESI and NSR partner to achieve their shared mission to help athletes academically and athletically. YESI and NSR Partnership YESI and NSR partner in hopes to help … Read more

NSR Announces The Babe Ruth League Partnership

Babe Ruth League Partnership

National Scouting Report is proud to announce its Babe Ruth League partnership for the 2017 Softball World Series. This new partnership starts with an exclusive NSR Softball Video Combine at the Babe Ruth World Series Softball Championship Tournament in Jensen Beach Florida. The softball video combine will begin July 20, 2017, and will end on July … Read more

Bear Bryant and Dean Smith Flipped Segregation to Forge History

Bear Bryant and Dean Smith

Bear Bryant and Dean Smith are undeniably two of college sports greatest coaches.  Each is legendary.  Yet, within a few years of one another, they had hit a wall with their programs.  That wall?  Segregation.  Changes were needed and they knew it.  The ensuing decisions they made would make history, forever altering the landscape of Southern … Read more

Recruiting Enemy #1 Remains Wasted Time

Recruiting Enemy #1

A friend asked me, “What is today’s recruiting enemy #1?” The answer is simple and easy to identify.  And it’s maddening, too.  As a college scout for 13-plus years, I have watched families kill so much time.  So my friend, what is recruiting enemy #1?  It is without question wasted time. Parents vs. the Problem … Read more

How Parents Can Repel College Coaches

parents can repel college coaches

Parents can repel college coaches, for sure.  Every community has them.  Nobody wants them. Hovering over practices, games, matches, meets and scrimmages, they cast a dark cloud wherever they go.  They bug the heck out of coaches, organizations, officials, other parents, and even the kids. It is a shame, really, because sports should be fun for … Read more

7 Things I Wish I Knew About The Recruiting Process

the recruiting process

The recruiting process is constantly changing, and the pressure college coaches and athletes go through is unreal. Not very long ago I was a collegiate athlete. And just a few years before that, I was a high school athlete weaving my way through the recruiting process. It was very challenging. There were many times I … Read more

Team moms are MVPs of every youth, high school, club and travel team

Team mom

Team moms are the unsung heroines in youth sports. They do the peripheral work a coach has no time for.  They assist in ways few people would undertake.  And they do it all with a smile and a hug for the young athletes they so dutifully and lovingly serve. The Ultimate Doers Team moms work … Read more

Free throw shooting – rethinking the one-point difference maker

free throw shooting

Free throw shooting in basketball. Why is it so tough to consistently do well? After all, a player is standing still, 15 feet away from a non-moving target, holding the ball and with nobody defending. Why are so many players simply awful at this essential skill of the game? Since you asked, I have a couple … Read more

Huge Changes to the Softball Recruiting Calendar

Will early recruiting ever stop? The NCAA Division I Council just made some monumental approvals to new recruiting rules and guidelines of which are the first, of many steps, in that direction. In fact, 80% of Division I softball coaches were in agreement to these rule proposals. As College Scouts, we often times have to … Read more

“Do your job” is a mantra that works for parents

Do you job

“Do your job!” This is something football fans are accustomed to hearing from two of the sport’s preeminent coaches. “Do your job” reminds even the best Both the New England Patriots and Alabama Crimson Tide head coaches, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, respectively, repeat this mantra over and again to their teams.  Apparently, it works, … Read more