Character Goals Are Needed for Teams

Prep Squads Can Rediscover the Missing Link in Sports  It’s a common practice for teams to set performance goals heading into their season.  Total wins, conference wins, conference championship, rivalry and key game outcomes, advancing to state playoffs – these are all objectives teams might aspire to reach in pre-season preparations.  But, something is missing from that formula.  … Read more

The Athletic-Academic Connection: Part 4

Peer Pressure Can Erode Academic Focus, Unless You Are in a Supportive Group. In this, the fourth and final installment of our Athletic-Academic series, we examine how student-athletes can overcome peer pressure to achieve stellar grades. High school student-athletes aspiring to play at the college level face a tough gauntlet of obstacles to overcome.  With … Read more

Demonstrate These 12 Qualities for College Coaches

Yes, Ability Rules, but Other Key Issues Carry Weight    Athleticism:  First and foremost, you must have the skills to play in college, but you must also possess and  exhibit…                                   Solid academics:  You must prove that you can thrive in an academic setting.   The NCAA no longer allows high school student-athletes to become eligible as college … Read more

The Athletic-Academic Connection: Part 3

Parents and Prospects Can Create an Academic Atmosphere Where None Was Before  Academics begin at home.  Make no mistake – parents are responsible for creating an academic setting for their children – an atmosphere which should revolve around the following elements: Dedication Focus Time Results Accountability While ideally the academic structure in the home would … Read more

The Athletic-Academic Connection: Part 2

Good Grades = More Scholarship Opportunities The NCAA has spent the past twenty-five years creating recruiting rules for four specific purposes:  To create a level playing field among the three divisions To react to rules abuses by member institutions and coaches To ease the pressure placed on prospects by coaches To improve the academic responsibility and … Read more

The Athletic-Academic Connection: Part I

Financial Aid Packaging: Colleges’ Way of Making Freshman Year Affordable Packaging is a term used by college admissions officials and coaches to describe financial assistance for prospective  college student-athletes.  It occurs at every level of college sports, even NCAA Division I.   Surprised?  Well, you aren’t alone.  Very few parents and athletes are aware this happens, much … Read more

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