WE, the Breakfast of…Coaches!

Ask any college coach this question:  What one trait do you most covet in a high school prospect?  Work ethic (WE) will be at or near the top of the list.  Even with all the hubbub of late about character, WE wins out. For 30 years, NSR scouts have been working with college coaches to … Read more

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Will you actually play college sports or is it just a dream you hope comes true?  Now is the time to take the initiative and let NSR turn you into a successfully-recruited, college student-athlete which could mold your entire future. Let’s face it — if you wait for college recruiters to come to you, you … Read more

T*W*I*S: Cool & Uncool, Baddour and Goodell

Today marks the beginning of our T*W*I*S (This Week In Sports) feature which we will tag persons or organizations as Cool and Uncool for their actions in the previous week’s news.  We hope you enjoy the play on names in Week One of TWIS:    Cool:  High five to UNC athletic director Dick Baddour who refused to circumvent … Read more

Bob Rigney Honored for Pioneering Prep Scouting Industry

30 Years and Counting, NSR Continues Founder’s Legacy   NSR’s 30-year anniversary of helping high school student-athletes attract the attention, receive evaluations and get recruited by college coaches starts this month as we chronicle the extraordinary legacy created in 1980 by founder Bob Rigney (pictured) and carried on today by the Rigney family.  Dubbed “The Father of … Read more

Saturday Match-up to Feature Five NSR Prospects

Cal versus UC-Davis Holds Special Meaning to NSR in California Saturday’s grudge match between The University of California (Cal) and The University of California at Davis (UC-Davis) holds special meaning for all of us at National Scouting Report, but espcially for NSR in California.  Five former NSR prospects, three from UC-Davis and two from Cal, will be on … Read more

NCAA Summer School Proposal Makes Good Sense

One of Three Major Problems Being Scrutinized The NCAA‘s upcoming proposal which, if adopted, will dictate that Division I institutions delve deeper into incoming student-athletes’ academic records and require poorer students in football and basketball (men’s and women’s) to take summer school classes prior to full-time enrollment.  At NSR, we support this proposal as a positive step … Read more

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