NCAA Summer School Proposal Makes Good Sense

One of Three Major Problems Being Scrutinized The NCAA‘s upcoming proposal which, if adopted, will dictate that Division I institutions delve deeper into incoming student-athletes’ academic records and require poorer students in football and basketball (men’s and women’s) to take summer school classes prior to full-time enrollment.  At NSR, we support this proposal as a positive step … Read more

In a Grades Funk?

There Is a Way, But It’s On You  If you are a high school athlete who has put your sport waaaaay in front of your grades for waaaaay too long, but you want to play college sports so badly it hurts, it’s time to face reality — good grades are absolutely necessary if you have any hope of reaching the … Read more

Erskine’s Davis Was One of DII’s Top Hitters

Courtney Found Her Grove in the Spring of 2010 Courtney Davis’ senior year playing softball for Erskine College (SC) didn’t appear to be anything special during fall and winter workouts, but when the 2009-2010 season started in February something interesting started to happen.  Courtney’s inconsistent bat came alive and stayed that way through a record-breaking … Read more

Character Goals Are Needed for Teams

Prep Squads Can Rediscover the Missing Link in Sports  It’s a common practice for teams to set performance goals heading into their season.  Total wins, conference wins, conference championship, rivalry and key game outcomes, advancing to state playoffs – these are all objectives teams might aspire to reach in pre-season preparations.  But, something is missing from that formula.  … Read more

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