Flores Takes Huskies Deep, Again and Again and Again!

Sooner Star Hammers Three Homers Against ’09 World Series MVP Former NSR softball prospect and 2009 NFCA All-American at Oklahoma University, Amber Flores, gave the Sooners an early 1-0 lead over defending national champion Washington in the first game of the NCAA Super Regional best two-of-three series played in Seattle Thursday.  It was the first of … Read more

NSR Broadcasting from NJCAA D1 Softball Championships

NSR Works with Local, Regional, National and International Media Outlets National Scouting Report proudly establishes partnerships around the United States with top-tier sports organizations.  One such union is a very exciting sponsorship agreement with Panhandle Sports Broadcasting Television headquartered in Milton, Florida, which calls for NSR to have a presence at selected national and regional … Read more

The “Tebow Effect!” How Far Will It Reach?

Ben Roethlisberger’s recent, and now habitual, toe stubbing shines light on a particularly sensitive subject: should character trump talent? In college and high school sports recruiting, that subject has been on the table for discussion, but the boorish behavior of Roethlisberger and scores of other athletes, college and professional alike, continues to push the topic to the forefront.

Recruiting Seminars…Sales Pitch or Valuable Resource?

The reason for these seminars, which are put on for high school sports teams, club sports teams, and other sports related organizations, is to educate prospects, coaches, and parents in the recruiting process. Unfortunately, some people are using these seminars to sell their products and services – usually related to recruiting or a recruiting service. Their message is often slanted toward the need for their products and service.

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen!

Just Like the Song Says:  “What a Feeling!” Much like Irene Cara’s Academy Award-winning song fromthe movie  “Flashdance,” Carson High (CA) senior Kendra Krupp is taking her passion for volleyball to a new level – across the country to Methodist University in Fayetteville, N.C. After working her way into the lineup at setter for Carson … Read more

Summer Sports Camps

What is the significance of being invited to a particular school’s sports camp? College athletic programs hold sports camps, usually in the summer, for two main reasons. First, this is an opportunity for coaches to make extra money. In fact, some of them do quite well and count on this extra income to supplement their … Read more

Top Five Ways to Catch a College Coach’s Attention

5. Communicate Clearly: Stay away from Internet jargon…write emails, notes and letters in complete sentences using proper English, capitalization and punctuation. 4. Play Club or Travel: College coaches simply don’t scout high school events the way they did in the past. Want to be seen, go where the coaches will be watching. College showcases and … Read more

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