NSR Scouts Meet Coaches, Attend NCAA Finals, During AVCA in Columbus, Ohio

NSR scouts from across the U.S. have hit the AVCA Convention.

Held this year in Columbus, Ohio, site of the NCAA semis and finals, the American Volleyball Coaches Association annual conclave brings together the top college, high school and club coaches together under one roof. It is an amazing sight to see.

Robert Cagle is NSR’s Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “The AVCA convention was a huge success for NSR,” exclaimed Coach Cagle. “It was wonderful to see how our NSR scouts interacted with the college, club and high school coaches. The mutual respect was very clear to see.”

National Scouting Report sends scouts each year to all the major sports’ conventions. We do this to renew old friendships with college coaches that depend on us to supply them with top volleyball talent. For club and high school coaches attending, we reinforce NSR’s ability to help their players effectively get on the radar of college programs.

NSR scouts also focus on establishing new relationships with head and assistant coaches at every level of competition. During those conversations, scouts educate coaches on NSR’s revolutionary contact program, Evolution, which is a groundbreaking tool for coaches and prospects alike.

“It was obvious that many of these coaches were pleased with the NSR presence,” Cagle added. “They went out of their way to talk with the NSR scouts that they had communicated with during the year.”


Kari Chavez is NSR’s national volleyball co-director. She and NSR volleyball scout Kayla Mainer had courtside seats for the NCAA D-I volleyball semi-final and finals matches.

“It was an awesome experience,” Chavez beamed. “To be that close to the best college players in the country and to see them compete for NCAA’s top trophy was something I wish every NSR volleyball prospect could have experienced alongside us.”

Mainer is a former D-I and professional player.

“As a scout, I loved being in a place where volleyball was everyone’s focus,” Mainer said. “To meet coaches we have talked to over the phone about NSR kids really solidified their view of us and of NSR. They got to see us as scouts that actually scout and I cannot describe how impressive that is to a college coach.”

The AVCA event gave NSR the chance to further separate themselves from the online recruiting services as well. With NSR having college scouts at events evaluating athletes and at events like the AVCA, the difference is quite noticeable. On the convention floor, NSR’s booth was constantly jammed with coaches. That kind of attention was no surprise to Coach Cagle. NSR is truly a scouting and recruiting organization.

“NSR simply dominates the recruiting and scouting arena at events like these. The NSR scouts shine,” said Cagle.

As NSR’s other national co-director of volleyball, Sheila Thiery, saw the convention as a superb way to catapult NSR into 2017.

“My goals for 2017 are to increase the number of NSR volleyball scouts, continue to grow our partnerships with volleyball organizations across the country, continue to build up our college coach relationships, and share the value of NSR with parents and club coaches at tournaments. Volleyball is a great sport!” Thiery declared.

NSR volleyball scouts are typically already deeply seeded in their volleyball communities and see a real need for NSR’s help.

“Networking with college, high school and club coaches is so vital to our success as scouts,” explained NSR scout Rebecca Wood from Washington state who was also in Columbus. “The AVCA presented us an opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to build individual relationships with coaches in each of these genres.”

If your child is a volleyball player with aspirations of playing in college, don’t wait. Call the NSR scout near you. Or, you may contact either Kari Chavez or Sheila Thiery. They can set you on the right path — the NSR path.




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