NSR Dominates the Scene at JVA in Cleveland

Last weekend National Scouting Report sponsored the championship court at the Junior Volleyball Association’s Rock n’ Rumble tournament in Cleveland. The event featured over 300, 12u-18u volleyball teams from some of the top clubs in the Midwest, Mideast, and Midsouth.

The tournament took place at the Cleveland Convention Center in downtown Cleveland. Sponsoring one of the championship courts for this tournament is just the start of a three-tournament sponsorship that NSR has begun with JVA. This partnership is an exciting new start for NSR and for volleyball players who want to play in college.

“All of the high caliber athletes and teams there were phenomenal,” said Kari Chavez, Co-Director of Volleyball Scouting. “It was great for our company to evaluate athletes in different parts of the country that way we can compare our area’s athletes to what else is out there and continue to educate.”

The NSR team at this event consisted of co-directors of volleyball scouting, Kari Chavez, and Sheila Thiery, along with scouts Rebecca Bosma and Jim Crotty. The team worked hard finding the next college bound prospects and talking with college coaches about NSR athletes.

“JVA and Munciana did a great job! It was a great event, it was a great place to play volleyball, and for athletes and parents to see that college coaches do use us and rely on us,” said Sheila Thiery, Co-Director of Volleyball Scouting. “I had coaches texting me asking me about my athletes and finding out where they could watch a particular player. Our athletes were getting looked at by some big programs this weekend.”

Over the course of this year, JVA will be hosting the JVA World Challenge in Louisville and the JVA West Coast Cup in Long Beach, Calif., which NSR will continue to be a championship court sponsor. Being partners with this organization and these events allows NSR volleyball to grow and continue to expand across the nation.




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