Every Prospect Has Four Envelopes. Which One Will They Open?

Recruiting envelopes are the unseen, little-known keys to prospects’ future.

They are imaginary, yes, but nonetheless, every high school prospect has four of them. They arrive on Day One of the prospect’s freshman year. Choices, choices.

The question at hand? Which one will they open and which ones will they ignore?

These envelopes are sealed. They are private and include diverse perspectives about college recruiting.

One is from a family friend who either went through recruiting years ago, before new rules were adopted, or whose own athlete went through the recruiting process. What happened in those experiences is not necessarily what is going on now. Things change, as they say, and that is never more applicable than in college recruiting. Is this the envelope prospects should open?

Another envelope is provided by the athletes’ coaches who tell stories which revolve around college coaches finding them if they are good enough or if they play club or travel ball. But recruiting has changed dramatically and coaches rarely discover recruits in these ways any longer. Is this the envelope prospects should open?

Then there is the envelope with all the bells and whistles. It’s alluring. Inside are all the hoopla from television and talk radio. The info in this envelope is all hype and convinces prospects and their parents that everything will work out if they sit tight and wait for coaches to come to them. Is this the envelope prospects should open?

Then there a final envelope. This one is from National Scouting Report. The info and data inside are gathered from 37 years of experience working alongside thousands upon thousands of high school prospects as well as college coaches. The contents are drawn from what is currently happening in college recruiting, not from hearsay or wishful thinking. It is based solely on reality. Is this the envelope prospects should open?

Prospects and their parents have choices to make. In the end, which envelope will give them the best chance of snagging the college scholarship they have dreamed about for years?

Choose well.




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