5 Key Elements Coaches Look for in Recruiting a Libero

The recruitment of a libero is typically a marathon, not a sprint. Liberos are the toughest and usually the last position to be recruited. Not only are they competing against every other libero, but also small pin hitters and setters. We asked a few of our excellent college coaches from every level, what they look … Read more

Club Volleyball and Your Recruiting

Club volleyball tryouts are over and teams have been made. Every player is excited to start practice with her new team because this will be the year she will be recruited, or will it? We see and hear it over and over again. “My daughter plays club so she will get seen. Her club coach … Read more

Do You Fit in the Box?

“The box”. Every sport has a recruiting box. Volleyball is no exception. Not all athletes are a Division I fit. But no matter the level you want to play, college coaches check “the box” first to see if an athlete looks like a fit on paper. What box do you fit in? In Division I, … Read more

Why College Transfer Rates Are Climbing

There are a number of factors why student-athletes transfer from one college to another. Here are a few common reasons why the transfer rates seem to increase from year to year. The first reason is the student-athlete made a commitment to a college as early as the freshman year in high school. Yes, offers come … Read more