New NCAA Football Rules Shake up Camps, Practice and Recruiting

New NCAA Football Rules

New NCAA football rules announced April 14 signal course changes in the FBS’s handling of camps, practices and recruiting. The rules primarily address these Association’s concerns: Prospects’ well-being during recruiting Players’ safety Players’ health Coaches?  They get some relief on the front end of recruiting.  However, they will be hard-pressed to get the same work … Read more

New NCAA Eligibility Check-in Geared to Help D-III Athletes

The NCAA has instituted an innovative way to assist high school recruits heading toward Division III athletics. From its inception, the Association’s Eligibility Center, formerly known as the NCAA Clearinghouse, has been where Division I- (D-I) and Division II-bound (D-II) high school student-athletes have gone to have their academic records and amateurism statuses examined and … Read more