NCAA D-I men’s basketball expands key definition

NCAA D-I men's basketball

NCAA D-I men’s basketball has expanded a key recruiting rule. Effective August 1 of this year, more people will be included in the group of individuals connected to NCAA D-I men’s basketball prospects.  Previously, only parents, guardians, coaches and family members were considered within that circle.  The updated rule, however, throws a net over anyone perceived … Read more

College Freshman Athletes Face Four Hurdles

College freshman athletes

College freshman athletes face the daunting task of preparing for the leap from high school to the next level.  It is neither a simple nor easy jump. Unquestionably there are high school prospects that have been pushed hard by their prep and club coaches.  But in truth the rigors they survived then cannot measure up … Read more

2019 D2 Prospects to Lift-Off June 15

2019 D2 prospects

2019 D2 prospects expecting to sign NCAA scholarships are poised for June 15. That is when Division II coaches in all sports can call and text prospects.  It is unquestionably a date every prospect anticipates as a lift-off point in their recruiting.  That is every well-informed prospect.  Sadly, there remain loads of rising juniors oblivious to the … Read more

Recruiting Enemy #1 Remains Wasted Time

Recruiting Enemy #1

A friend asked me, “What is today’s recruiting enemy #1?” The answer is simple and easy to identify.  And it’s maddening, too.  As a college scout for 13-plus years, I have watched families kill so much time.  So my friend, what is recruiting enemy #1?  It is without question wasted time. Parents vs. the Problem … Read more

How Parents Can Repel College Coaches

parents can repel college coaches

Parents can repel college coaches, for sure.  Every community has them.  Nobody wants them. Hovering over practices, games, matches, meets and scrimmages, they cast a dark cloud wherever they go.  They bug the heck out of coaches, organizations, officials, other parents, and even the kids. It is a shame, really, because sports should be fun for … Read more