How Parents Can Repel College Coaches

parents can repel college coaches

Parents can repel college coaches, for sure.  Every community has them.  Nobody wants them. Hovering over practices, games, matches, meets and scrimmages, they cast a dark cloud wherever they go.  They bug the heck out of coaches, organizations, officials, other parents, and even the kids. It is a shame, really, because sports should be fun for … Read more

Best coaches share 10 traits

best coaches

The best coaches are unquestionably unique individuals.  Likewise, they are distinctive in the way they approach their sport and their athletes. Many never played sports competitively beyond high school.  Most teach, or taught, classes other than physical education.  Yet to a person, they have a fire burning internally which fuels their drive to coach and … Read more

Basketball Recruiting in April Big for College Coaches and High School Prospects

Basketball recruiting

Basketball recruiting in April is big, if not enormous, for college coaches and high school prospects. Two crucial weekends Two weekends, in particular, present outstanding opportunities. From April 21-23 and 28-30, special individual and team showcase events happen across the United States. Consequently, that is when things get serious in basketball recruiting. Coaches see large … Read more

New NCAA Football Rules Shake up Camps, Practice and Recruiting

New NCAA Football Rules

New NCAA football rules announced April 14 signal course changes in the FBS’s handling of camps, practices and recruiting. The rules primarily address these Association’s concerns: Prospects’ well-being during recruiting Players’ safety Players’ health Coaches?  They get some relief on the front end of recruiting.  However, they will be hard-pressed to get the same work … Read more