Former NSR baseball prospect becomes Area Director

National Scouting Report discovered North Central Louisiana area director Mason Alexander 20 years ago at a baseball showcase in Arlington, Texas. A standout pitcher/outfielder at Longview High School, Alexander had been overlooked by college coaches. He had given up hope of playing in college until an NSR scout introduced himself to Alexander’s father, who was … Read more

Fundamental way to receive scholarship offers

What’s the first thing college coaches notice when scouting and evaluating a solid prospect?  Athleticism.  Second?  Grasp of fundamentals. Coaches will tell you that athleticism is perhaps the highest, desirable attribute.  And when athleticism is coupled with a great attitude, coaches swarm.  But add sound fundamentals to that equation and what you have is the near-perfect prospect, … Read more

S. Carolina area director: ‘I feel so blessed’

Jessica Boulware walked outside her home in Columbia, S.C., to survey the area. The pond had overflowed. The dock was totally submerged. Her car was partially submerged. Her driveway looked like a creek. Water ran under the house. “I feel so blessed,” said Boulware, Central South Carolina Area Director for National Scouting Report. It could … Read more

Do you know the most critical step in college recruiting?

Bluntly, you are either up here or down there.  In college sports recruiting, there is no in-between.  In short, high school athletic prospects and their parents can’t survive down there.  The only place to be and win an athletic scholarship offer is up here. Enough gobligook.  What I am referring to is realizing where you … Read more

Five words that kill a college prospect’s chances

In this, the Golden Era of athletic recruiting, college coaches may as well be in a candy store that stocks only their favorite chocolate bar.  They’ve never had it so good.  Coaches are inundated with info from camps, clinics, combines, showcases, tournaments, emails, texts and snail mail.  It is impossible for them to cover it all and … Read more

Remarkable blocked punt receives national attention

National Scouting Report football prospect Jack Braymiller received an early birthday present last month. Braymiller, who turns 16 in late October, received the gift-wrapped present with a bow on top during Boulder (Colo.) High School’s homecoming game on Sept. 18. Playing on Boulder’s special teams, Braymiller was positioned on the left side of the line … Read more

Four forces holding back families in recruiting

Families of high school athletes wanting to take their game to the college level are in a quandary.  How do they make a dream materialize?  It’s an unenviable position. Once they make their problem public, however, all sorts of help pops up, mostly from sources which have no clue how recruiting works.  That, of course, adds … Read more

What role should parents play in college recruiting?

Your child tells you he/she wants to play college athletics. Your eyes light up and a huge smile crosses your face. You are so proud of him/her. You desperately want to help your child get recruited and perhaps receive a scholarship. You tell him/her you will do everything possible to help. In fact, you offer … Read more

College recruiting is more than a family affair

The recruiting process has become a complex process.  And it is a nagging problem for families that cannot be solved by joining a club or travel squad, making all-whatever or relying on coaches to get their athlete exposed to college coaches.  This Generation Z recruiting environment is tough and parents should prepare for it to be a long, … Read more

Education came first for former NSR scholar-athlete

The acorn didn’t drop far from the tree when it came to Ali Manns Black.  In fact, smarts run deep in the Manns family. Ali’s dad, Dan, earned his degree in Meteorology from Penn State and went on to work for the National Weather Service and later at the National Climatic Center for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association … Read more

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