Pocket Radar Ball Coach Model Becomes the Official Radar Gun for National Scouting Report

April 3, 2015 Pocket Radar, Inc. is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the National Scouting Report for the Ball Coach radar to become the “Official Radar Gun” for scouting and prospect evaluations. Together, Pocket Radar and NSR will continue to help players and scouts evaluate different areas of performance and abilities across all … Read more

Spring Softball Recruiting

It’s mid-March, most states are in High School softball season, and the college softball coaches are in season as well. Lately, I’ve had alot of prospects email/call lately asking if and how college softball coaches continue recruiting during their own season. It’s a big misconception that college softball coaches stop recruiting during their season. Does … Read more

Softball Sisters = Recruiting Dreams

Recruiting.  One of the scariest words I ever heard as a softball player wanting to play at the next level.  I had no idea where or even how to start and neither did my parents or my coaches.  High school coaches always said, “If they are good enough, people will come.”  As a high school … Read more

Slapping: Softball’s Secret Weapon

We’ve all seen Raven Chavanne, Caitlin Lowe, and Natasha Watley make defenses look silly for years.  No matter how the defense sets up, slappers are able to adjust their plan of attack to get on base. What is a Slapper? There is not a template of what makes a player a possible slapper.  Typically, college … Read more

College Golf: Are You Up to Par?

I get calls, all the time, from high school golfers and their families asking if they have what it takes to play college golf.  The problem is that there is no way to answer that question without digging deeper.  There are over 1100 schools in America that play Men’s Golf and over 600 schools that … Read more

Master It!

A few years ago, an 8th grade football athlete I was coaching, approached me and said, “I want to play in college!  What do I need to do?” The answer to the question, “What do I need to do?” is one that is not only applicable to this football athlete but applicable to any athlete, … Read more

College Recruiting – Timing is Everything!

  Most things in life come down to timing.  A student athlete wanting to get recruited to play in college is no different. Timing for recruiting is essential. Almost daily, I am asked about timing.  Concerned parents and dedicated athletes  alike are trying to determine the best time to jump into the recruiting world. What … Read more

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